Five Facts You Need to Know About China’s Currency Manipulation

Odds are that Mitt Romney’s promise to brand China a “currency manipulator” will figure heavily in tonight’s foreign policy debate. There’s good reason for that. Branding China a “currency manipulator” is popular! That’s why almost every presidential candidate promises to do it. But it also doesn’t make much sense, which is why presidents typically don’t [...]

How to Disagree (Without Being a Jerk)

Research has shown that free form meetings aren’t the most effective way to produce good ideas. Suggestions brought up earlier in the meeting tend to have more influence. Additionally, the negative aspects of an idea often alters our judgement more than the potential upside. And yes, in most meetings the same people do most of [...]

7 Smart Habits of the Most Successful Leaders

Success and productivity don't just appear overnight. To help make them happen, here are some crucial strategies to adopt from the very beginning. It's easy to get caught up in the energy and uncertainty--living moment to moment. Even among the panics and joys of your enterprise's life, you can be constructing the bedrock of all [...]

Ditch Your Budget — 5 Alternatives to Managing Your Money

Instead of ushering in the new year with resolutions we won't keep past February, let's focus on what we can (and should) finally drop. This week, we’ll focus on quitting bad habits, toxic relationships, or whatever else is keeping you from living your best life. Can’t seem to keep a budget? Don’t be too hard [...]

5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Drink Coffee

Across the startup and tech world, coffee seems to be a standard. Some companies have a full time barista on staff or have regular coffee-fueled meetings. From business introductions to first dates, it all happens at the cafe. From large-scale chains to craft coffee shops, there is no shortage of places to meet, drink and [...]

Make Tax Prep Easier With a Three Folder System

In the next several weeks, our 1099s, W2s, and other tax-related documents will be making their way to our mailboxes. This means a big mess of paperwork come April. Make it easy on yourself by organizing everything in a three folder system. This suggestion comes via The Motley Fool, and it’s a relatively simple task. [...]

Warning Signs that you may be an Investment Fraud Victim

In an age of high technology and resources available at the touch of a button or a click of a mouse, investment fraudsters are using any tool or method necessary in order to get your money. You believe that you have invested your money wisely and are on track for retiring with dignity and pride. [...]

Extended Tax Deadline Expires Oct. 15; Don’t Overlook Tax Benefits

If you are one of the nearly 13 million taxpayers who asked for more time to file your federal tax return this year, the extra time is about to expire. If you haven’t yet filed, here are some things that you should know: • Know the deadline. Oct. 15 is the last day to file [...]

Legislature Retroactively Eliminates Michigan 10 Year Audit

On June 26th, Governor Snyder signed House Bill 5543, now Public Act (PA) 211 of 2012. By clarifying when Michigan’s four year statute of limitations begins, the new law will end the Michigan Department of Treasury’s current practice of conducting ten year use tax audits on registered Sales, Use, or Withholding taxpayers who have filed [...]

Expansion at Schwab rankles RIAs

With its acquisition of money manager ThomasPartners Inc. last week, The Charles Schwab Corp. took another step in building out its small but fast-growing proprietary separate-account platform. But by buying the firm, Schwab risks once again ruffling feathers among its army of more than 7,000 registered investment adviser custody customers, some of whom worry about [...]

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